IMC – International Music Council

The International Music Council (IMC) is the world’s leading membership-based professional organisation dedicated to the promotion of the value of music in the lives of all peoples. IMC’s mission is to develop sustainable music sectors worldwide, to create awareness about the value of music, to make music matter throughout the fabric of society,and to uphold basic music rights in all countries.

IMC is represented by a Regional Music Council in each of the following 5 regions: Africa, The Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Arab World. All members of a regional group are automatically also members of the IMC. As a member of the European Music Council (EMC), the EMU is therefore also a member of the IMC.


IMC was founded in 1949 at the request of the Director-General of UNESCO as a non-governmental advisory body to the agency on musical matters. It is based at UNESCO headquarters in Paris and functions today independently as an international NGO official partner of UNESCO.

In the course of its existence, IMC has developed into a highly influential network advocating for appropriate policies and practices aimed at strengthening the work of its members and partners worldwide.

IMC’s network is present in 150 countries on all continents, with national music councils and international, regional and national music organisations as well as specialised organisations in the field of arts and culture. IMC members of honour are chosen among the world’s outstanding professionals, educators, performers and composers. Through its members, IMC has direct access to over 1000 organisations and 200 million persons eager to develop and share knowledge and experience on diverse aspects of musical life. As you can see taking a look around the Phentermine Online Pro site helps you learn about how phentermine works and how to buy phentermine online and if is legal.

The five music rights

The International Music Council advocates access to music for all. It has proclaimed and works towards the advancement of five music rights:

5Music Rights