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EMU – 50 Years in the Service of Music Education
This publication was drafted on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the EMU. It reflects on its history and provides overviews of past events, major projects and individuals having played an important role in the development of the organisation.

EMU 2020 Statistical Information
The EMU statistiscs 2015 are currently the most up-to-date publication providing data on European Music Schools as presented by our members.

Music Right from the Start: Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Music Education
This guidebook on early childhood music education is the main outcome of the working group on Early Childhood Music Education (ECME). The working group consisted of three international experts from the field who jointly worked on the guidebook as part of the EU-funded Strengthening Music in Society (SMS) project run by the AEC in cooperation with the EMU between 2017 and 2021. The guidebook offers insights in the field of ECME, including theoretical backgrounds, an overview of the different types of activities for this kind of pedagogy, examples on how to design lessons and more.

Survey on the Impact of the Corona Crisis on European Music Schools
In April 2020, the EMU launched a survey among its members as a first assessment of how the corona crisis affects music schools in Europe.

European Agenda for Music (EAM)
The EAM is a document identifying the European music sectors needs, setting out priorities for the future and detailing which directions to pursue in order to ensure a music sector that remains strong, fair, innovative and diverse in a rapidly changing world.

Standards for Pre-College Music Education
The Standards for Pre-College Music Education are a toolkit aimed to guide pre-college music education providers in evaluating their activities and enhancing quality.

EMU Statistics 2015
The EMU statistiscs 2015 provide data on European Music Schools at the 2015 level.

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