EMU Board meeting & meeting with the FFEM in Nice

Nice PresidiumEMU Board meeting & meeting with the FFEM in Nice JANUARY
The French Association FFEM – Fédération Française de l’Enseignement Musical, Chorégraphique et Théâtral kindly invited the EMU presidium to hold their first board meeting of the year in Nice, France. This was a very special occasion as France is one of the founding members of the EMU and FFEM one of the largest associations among the members. The EMU presidium had the opportunity to meet with the FFEM board and discuss some interesting topics:

“La nuit des Conservatoires” FFEM board member Arnaud Morel reported on an interesting annual event in France: “La nuit des Conservatoires” (The Night of Music Schools) which took place for the third time in the end of January 2016, with national focus on music schools. Even though the idea comes from a trade union, this is not a political action but a “voluntary, friendly and adaptable concept in order to show what really happens in music schools”. EMU wishes to recommend this good practice to national associations for their inspiration.

Following the examples of existing EMU regional groups the boards discuss the possibility of the creation of a new regional group representing the southern part of Europe and French-speaking countries.

The EMU thanks the FFEM and especially the president of the FFEM, André Peyregne and FFEM board member and EMU Vice president Philippe Dalarun for their hospitality and for arranging the meeting.

In the light of the terrible attacks that hit the city of Nice in the evening of 14 July the EMU would like to express its deepest solidarity. Only six months ago we were all together in Nice, and the EMU committee keeps a luminous memory of the beautiful city of Nice and of your hospitality and friendship that unites us all. Nothing will tarnish the memory! And it is with this friendship and unity at heart that we all carry on living our lives.

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