Capacity Building Seminar Group Pedagogy & Collaboration with Schools 27-28 Oct 2016 in Copenhagen

© Laure Boer

The EMU Capacity Building seminar ‘Group Pedagogy & Collaboration with Schools’ has taken place in Hvidovre (Copenhagen) at Hvidovre Musikskole, Denmark 27 – 28 October 2016 with many exciting sessions and wonderful speakers.

The seminar explored group pedagogy from various angels and the topic of collaboration between schools and music schools:
Click HERE for the Seminar programme !
Click HERE for a short synopsis of the different sessions !
Click HERE for the speaker’s biographies !
The target group of the seminar is music school directors and teachers as well as people working in national music school associations. The seminar suits well for any person who is interested in developing new pedagogical skills and tools.

Interactive session with Matthew Barley


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