EMU General Assembly & European Music School Forum‚ ‘Quality Enhancement & Advocacy‘


EMU’s membership gathered for the 41st General Assembly & European Music School Forum ‚Quality Enhancement & Advocacy‘ in San Sebastian. The meeting was perfectly organised by EMU member Association UEMYD – Unión de Escuelas de Música y Danza. We express our deepest gratitude to our host ‘UEMYD – Unión de Escuelas de Música y Danza’ and especially to Arantxa Arzak, Mikel Mate, Jaione Telleria, Begoña Lasarte and Mari Jose Arregui for making this meeting an exceptional experience for all the participants and introducing us to the unique culture and hospitality of the Basque country!

GA Highlights

Two new members EMU is pleased to announce that Belgium and Bulgaria have been elected as two new member associations. We are looking forward to working to together in he future and are happy to have further widened the European family that is EMU.

Two new regional groups EMU is happy to announce the founding of two new regional groups: EMU LACHD [Luxembourg, Switzerland,  Austria,  Germany] -the  first  meeting  took  place  in  April 2016  in Bregenz,  Austria. In San Sebastian Onda Latina was founded [France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland]. Their first meeting will take place in Mirandola /Italy in October 2016.

Membership fee raise Upon proposal by the EMU board the General Assembly voted in favor of an 8% raise of the membership fee. EMU would like to thank the membership for their commitment and trust in the work of the board and EMU office. This raise will benefit all EMU members in the way that all countries will be able to candidate for the next election as coverage of travel costs for presidium members is secured!

EMU guest observer status Upon proposal by the EMU board the General Assembly voted in favor of creating the EMU guest observer status. By being able to give out the status EMU will be able to garner new relationships through which the network of EMU and eventually the number of members can be expanded.

Working groups In the scope of the EMU European Music School Forum on the second day a working group session took place in which participants were able to exchange their views on a number of topics related to advocacy in music education on a European level. Please click HERE to download the report on the outcomes of the working groups.

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