Become a member

Questionnaire for national music school associations wishing to join EMU

Associations for music schools or music and arts schools who would like to become member of EMU should answer the following questions. Please send your answers by email to office(at)

You can download the questionnaire form HERE and add it as an attachment in your email.

1. When was your music school association established?

2. Is your music school association in a position to:
a) pay the annual EMU membership fee?
b) attend the general assemblies and music festivals?

3. How is music education organised in your country (e.g. in terms of legislation and funding)?

4. Which ministry does music schools come under?

5. Are the music schools maintained by municipalities, districts, regional
or national authorities, private structures (e.g. foundations and associations)?

6. How is your association organised?
(Please send us your statutes, rules of procedure or similar regulations)

7. How is your association financed?

8. How many music schools are there in your country?

9. How many of them are associated with your association?

10. How many students are attending music schools?

11. How many teachers are employed in the associated schools?

a). Are there more associations of music schools (music and arts schools) in your country?
b). What is the estimated number of members of these associations?

13. Address of your office or contact